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Guangzhou Guanzhu Showcase Co., Ltd.
Multispecialty supplier
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Guangdong, China
Main categories: Display Showcase/Display Stand/Display Counter
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Make a Visual Impact


Our custom retail displays are managed with the experience and knowledge to get your job produced efficiently, effectively, and at the highest quality



We provide a full range of services,The communication strategy is designed at 360 °, both in the internal and external space


Focus’s vision is to create a business with the fundamental values of honesty, trust, integrity and a seamless process for clients.Focus display furniture manufacturers is a shop furniture design and manufacture factory in Guangzhou, China.focus operates 2 facilities in the China inatotaling almost 250,000 sq.ft.with more than 200 workers since 1998.To deliver world-class products, focus continuously reinvests in the latest CNC millwork equipment, engineering software, finishing technologies and assembly automation,We have the ability to machine just about any sheet material. Combine our wealth of creative talent, diverse product offerings and years of manufacturing experience and you’ll see we have what it takes to create a complete line of branded advertising solutions that’s right for any product.allows you to take advantage of our design consultation services to create custom branded solutions to fit every scenario. This vision and passion for excellence enables Focus to tailor our business services to best meet our customers individual needs, with the latest equipment, technology and software – we bring your vision to life, from design, 3D modelling to production, installation and maintaining your installation ensuring your investment continues to look pristine.We are uniquely positioned in the industry with flexible assembly and finishing resources integrated for maximum efficiency which enables us to manage some of the largest national fixture rollouts.

Full-service retail interior design


Our factories are in China, as you know, China have been the world factory. Almost all world's showcase comes from China Focus.

Superior Quality

Designers and producers of turnkey custom retail solutions and visual merchandising displays.

Sales Orientation

Focus displays are designed to best display products, optimizing sales and highlighting promotions. The multiple design options allow you to display the assortment in a different way and for different purposes.

Affordable Price

Focus provide free design service for you,Preengineered for a faster delivery and lower cost,with custom finishes to personalize your store space.Resistant materials and modular construction for continue using.

We design uniqueness for you

Focus provide free design service for you,help maximize your sales.